Lockheed Martin bought Sikorsky

This is X bought Y. Today is Monday July 20th. It looks like Lockheed Martin has bought Sikorsky, the iconic helicopter maker, from their current parent company United Technologies. Rumor has it that the price is about $8 billion.

United Technologies hasn’t been doing so great lately, and has been trying to figure out what to do with Sikorsky. They have some pretty succesful product lines including the Black Hawk on the military side and the S-76 on the commercial. They are also working on a next generation platform called the S-97 Raider which was built from their X2 program. This tech platform replaced the traditional tail rotor with a traditional propeller to provide additional thrust and speed. Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopters was looking at a similar approach with their X3 platform.

All in all this should be a net win for everybody. United Technology couldn’t make it work and gets rid of a liability and under the right leadership Sikorsky should have no problem doing well and making money.

It’s not a done deal though, something like this requires approval from the Senate Armed Services Committee, and they like competition.

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